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Skills: Painting, drawing, free and technical illustration, story bords, advertising layouts, product design, marketing, branding.

Design: The portfolio ranges from light watercolor to master techniques, realistic images and free illustration. Whimsical characters move and flow, still lives glitter and shine. Nina designs’ own style is applicable to a variaty of product media.

Markets: A multifacted design style currently being used for table top, textiles, greeting cards, paper products, ceramics and juvenile. Merchandising by companies in both Europe and the US.

Fine arts: Acrylic and oil paintings, drawings, printing. Please visit www.ninaherold.de

Copyright: All shown illustrations and designs on this website are protected by international copyright laws. Images on this website may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written agreements signed by Nina Herold or her agent Creative Connection Inc.


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Nina Herold
Design: www.nina-herold.com
Paintings: www.ninaherold.de